The Emerald Gun

Talisman Trading Company
is owned and operated by P. Damian Quinn, G.G., F.G.A.
Damian has two degrees in gemology:

G.G. (Gemological Institute of America) aka (GIA)
 F.G.A. (Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain).

Damian started importing natural gem crystals and various gemstone
carvings from Brasil in 1984, based in San Diego CA. From the beginning
we wanted to produce unique items from the best stones available.
We participated in CA Intergem shows (San Mateo and Santa Monica), and
the annual Tucson and Denver Gem & Mineral shows for 20 consecutive
years. But in 1994 Damian moved to Brasil permanently with his wife Lea
and their daughter Lorena, and very soon son Lucas was born. 

Family soon became our main focus.

We continued participating in the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
but decided in 2009 to stop, after 25 years.

We don't do shows anymore. 

This is our venue now.

We have never stopped creating the unique carvings which have set us
apart from other gem firms, and continue to supply various clients
around the world today.

This is how we currently operate:


First and foremost, because we're living down here permanently, we can
broker lots of various items, including rough crystals, specimens, and
sometimes spheres, for a straight 10% commission above the local price.
These are usually high-quality specimens or otherwise more expensive pieces
we might not purchase ourselves because we can't afford a long-term turn-around.
There is a minimum order of $1000.00 for brokered purchases.
You pay all S/H, broker fees, insurance, etc. You see the merchandise via
digital photographs I take here and email directly to you.
This technique has worked time & time again for me, to the
satisfaction of my customers.


We take orders for various carvings, with a 25% advance deposit.
Then we complete the order within 4-6 wks. and ship it FOB Brasil to
our client once the total invoice amount is deposited to our USA acct.
We do not carry a large ready-to-ship stock of our products.
We do take advantage of timely purchases of choice rock to make items
we always sell, like hearts, skulls, spheres, totem animals, etc.

We sell wholesale to the trade, and retail to collectors and healers.
You must supply us with your valid state resale #.

So take a minute to peruse our products, and please give us your
feedback about them and this website. Don't hesitate to send us an
email or fax if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your attention, and happy hunting...Damian Quinn

 Damian with quartz wand

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