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Governador Valadares - Minas Gerais - Brasil

Where we create our unique gemstone carvings
from natural quartz crystal and other stones..... 

and where we grow our family.


Nossa Garza

Rainbow in Rio --- 2010

The Source

Damian at the Source

Ibituruna Peak


Ancient Mound

Road to the Mines


O Garimpo

Skol Time


June Fest



My Family

Lorena picking Acerolas



My Veggie Garden



Amora -- Mulberry



Lucas hauling grass


Lea, Lorena, and Hunter




Front Gate


Banana Pond

Pupunhas - Chontaduros


Papagaios in the Pupunha Palm

Our Macaco



Anús - Blackbirds
thank you/ obrigado


Por du Sol

Krusty the King of the Chácara


The Mighty Hunter



Rio --- 2010

Rio de Janeiro



Lorena com coconut


Lucas tambem

Praia do Flamengo


Praia de Copacabana

Banana Bird


Banana Lover

Futbol Estrela


Lucas On the Ball

Os Campeôes de 2008


Good Sister

Brasilian Bride Fernanda


Ferreira Family

Quinn Family


Lorena and her Beautiful Cousins

Dressed for a Big Country Festa


Lorena Turns 18 !!!

My Beautiful Girl


Lorena and Cousin Poliana

Lorena Aglow


Lucas and his......Mommy

At the Ranch


Lucas and Tio Cerilo

At Home with the Calves


Lucas and His Cousin Layane

Christmas 2008 -- Lorena and cousin Marcela


Christmas 2008 -- Chocolate Cake
and vampire girl Amanda


Christmas 2008 -- Sibling Love


Christmas 2008 -- Proud Papa


Christmas 2008 -- Mamae Orgulhosa


Christmas 2008 -- Proud Parents

Christmas 2008 -- New Futbol for 2009 -- Gooooolllllll!!!


Christmas 2008 -- Lorena's New Bikini

Christmas 2008 -- Lea's New Digital Camera


Christmas 2008 -- Lucas' New Computer

Lawn Mowed


Blackbirds Feasting on Mowed Insects

Hunter's Noiva


Computer Cat

Churrasco gal w/ big knife



Boy on Bike with Dog


Damian w/ Cunhada Vilma

Brasil wins 2002 World Cup!!!


Ronaldo Fenómeno scores winning goal against Germany

Cobra Verde --- Nao Mato Ela Porque é Boa


Lorena com Pumpkin

I Go Bananas


Diggin' It!

First Banana


Lorena w/ Açaí Palm

Little Helper


Meu Sobrinho Lorenzinho
May His Soul Rest in Peace


Red Leaf Tree


Fertilizing the Garden w/ Esterco (Manure)

Moon Over Palms


A Coruja

Gato Lindo


Garden Terraces (Patamares)



Garden Terraces (Patamares)




Young Abóboras (Squash)


Abóboras Growing

Flor da Abóbora





Baby Pumpkin


Just Picked


Backyard Imperial Palm and Cavalos

Alface (Lettuce)


Red Rosa in the Abóboras




Sept 10 Harvest


Saturday Sept 12 Harvest

Sunday Morning Sunrise


Freezing Freshly Picked Beefcake Tomatoes

Coqueiro Cheio



Maritacas/Parrots Feasting on Mulberries


October 3 Harvest
They just keep on coming!
400+ from 12 plants!
More ripening!

Lorena, Hunter, and Biscuit


Lucas Opening Coconut


Churrasco com Tomates
Barbecueing Beefcake Tomatoes


BBQ Chef Lea

Bougainvilleas w/ Yellow Acássia Imperial Tree



Cats on Stairs

First Brocolli of 2009


New Zealand Spinach
Seeds Courtesy of my Good Friend
John la Fargue
Mill Valley CA


Lorena Bathing Hunter


Hunter Bathing Lorena

Final Squash/Pumpkin Harvest of 2009
About 35% of our Total Squash safra


Happy Squasher

Pink Acassia Flower


Churrasco Fire



Mango Picker

Krusty Resting after the Daily Hunt


Garden Dressed in Mulch

Lucas Bagging Veggies


Pinha Fruit (Soursop)

New Pupunha Fruit Sprouting


Pupunha Babies (Chontaduritos)

Today Nov 29 is Lorena's 19th Birthday!


Krusty Rain Gazing


Lavando o Carro


Lucas Catches the Big Fish

Goin' Green!
View from Varanda


View from my Office

View from Stairwell


View from Kitchen

Flamboyán Tree


Weeping Willow

February 2010 Sunrise


Pupunha Nascer du Sol

Entrada com Palmeiras Imperiais


Hibiscus Flor

Rainbow over Pupunha Palms


Oferenda de Pimenta Brava
Hot Peppers Anyone?

Honest Day's Work


What's My Name?

Lucas' 11th Birthday -- 2006


Part of the Clan

Por du Sol


Pavao -- Peacock

Pupunha/Chontaduro Fruit

Alas! Too high to reach


Lua Crescente


Party in Brasil !


Suits on Siamese Quinns


Flower Children

Lucas and a Huge Quartz Point


The Kiddies !

My little Devils


O Palhaço

Varanda de Paz


Exposiçao/County Fair/2001

Gurirí Espiritu Santo Beach


First Holy Communion




Sacred Place


Lucas on Vine



Beija Flor

Rio Guaporé -- Rondônia
On the border w/ Bolivia

2000 Amazon Expedition


Damian Picking Açaí Berries


Embaúba Tree


Estrela na Selva

5 pm Moonpalm


A Piscina da Lea Chegou!

Carrying Her In


Digging the Burraco

Boss Supervising


Burraco Pronto

Which Fool Did This?


Setting Her Down


Cementing the Deck


Krusty's Pool

Now Awaiting the Sao Tomé Rock


Veggie Garden 2010
Ready for Planting

Pool Boy


Pool Girl

Lucas Beats Dad for First Swim


What Form!

Hunter Frolicking


Golden Visitors

May Sunset


Fan w/ Brasil Shades

Our Garza (Crane)



2010 Horta Beginning to Grow


Tree Lizard

First Pink Ipé Roxo Flores!


First Rabanetes da Horta 2010


Two Kites

Holland vs Spain 2010 World Cup

Photo taken in 2006 above our villa

2010 Garden Growing

Lettuce Transplants under Banana Leaves
and Black Netting


Enjoying the Piscina

Our Oranges


Vida Boa

The Spider and the Fly


Flor du Mulungí


Field of Corn -- The Early Days

Christmas 2010


Krusty Loves Christmas

La Pequeña Gabriela


Now in a Famous Museum

Pot o' Gold


Pool Cat Cleaner

Orange Picker


Sunday Afternoon

Vacuuming the Piscina


Colina Verde

Pink Acássia Tree


Yellow Breasted Warbler
Thinks He Owns This Acássia Imperial Tree

Quinn Family Christmas 2011
Lorena's Graduation in Moda-Fashion


The Great Flood of 2012 in Valadares

Cinco Patos no Muro


Acássia Imperial



Lucas Picking Acerolas


Maracujá Flor --- Passion Fruit



Quinn Family Christmas 2012


Maritakas (green parrots) Eating Guayabas



View From My Office

Coati - Our New Tenant


New Dog in Town


Little Monster

Dog and His Bone


Discovering the Aspersor



How'm I Gonna Water the Grass Now?

Damian's Birthday 2014


Brasil Beats Colombia - World Cup 2014

Acassia Imperial in Bloom


Flamboyan in Bloom




Chácara Tree Inventory
Tree - English Tree - Portuguese # type location
avocado abacate 2 fruit high orchard
ácaí palm ácaí palmeira 4 fruit var
yellow acassia acássia imperial 5 shade var
pink acassia acássia rosa 3 shade front
red acassia acássia vermelha 2 shade old lake hole
acerola acerola 2 fruit high orchard
red plum ameixa vermelha 3 fruit var
mulberry amora 10 fruit high wall
angico angico 2 shade front
apricot abricó 1 fruit high orchard
banana banana 30 fruit var
brasiliana brasiliana 1 shade front
cajá mango cajá manga 1 fruit low orchard
cashew cajú 2 fruit high orchard
cedar cedro 1 shade old lake hole
chestnut castanheira 2 shade back/side
cherry cerezeira 3 fruit/shade low orchard
weeping willow chorao mexicano 4 shade front
coconut palm coqueiro anao 9 fruit front
embaúba embaúba 3 shade front
fig figo 1 fruit high orchard
flamboyant flamboyán 1 shade front
guava goiaba 3 fruit high orchard/wall
graviola graviola 1 fruit high orchard
grapefruit toronja 1 fruit high orchard
ingá ingá 1 fruit high orchard
yellow ipé ipé amarelo 3 shade front
dwarf ipé ipé mirim 5 ornamental var
purple ipé ipé roxo 4 shade front
jabuticaba jabuticaba 1 fruit low orchard
jacaranda jacarandá mimosa 2 shade old lake hole
jambo jambo 4 fruit var
orange laranja 9 fruit both orchards
lichie lixia 2 fruit var
lemon limao 7 fruit both orchards
aden mango manga áden 4 fruit both orchards
pear mango manga pera 3 fruit front/side
tangerine mexirica 6 fruit both orchards
mulungí mulungí 1 ornamental front
imperial palm palmeira imperial 12 ornamental front/back
pau brasil pau brasil 3 shade front/back
pau ferro pau ferro 1 shade old lake hole
soursop pinha 1 fruit both orchards
pitanga pitanga 1 fruit high orchard
chontaduro palm pupunha 4 fruit front/back
quaresmeira quaresmeira 2 shade old lake hole
sansão do campo sansão do campo 1 ornamental wall
sibipiruna sibipiruna 3 shade old lake hole
unknown desconhecido 1 shade front
total trees 175    
total species 49    


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