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         WHAT'S NEW!

    Dragon Skulls --- From olden times and fairy tales.

    Smilfang the Jolly Dragon --- Cool Smiling DragonHead, ready to brighten your day.

    Talisman Book of Skulls --- an amazing journey into the world or thirty world class
                                                     gemstone skulls

    Unique Stylized Skulls --- never repeated..........making new ones now!

    Skulls currently available for sale

    Natural Skin Skulls --- Cathedral, Elestial Jacaré, Lemurian Quartz

    Colorful Opaque Skulls --- dolomite, calcite, chalcedony, serpentine, sodalite, amazonite, dumortierite.

    Alien Skulls --- they are among us

    Miniature skulls --- fit in your pocket

    Pix of our villa and family

   Exotic Jungle Cats poised to jump right out of the crystal.

   Take a Hike! with our new exotic wooden Totem Sticks® crowned with crystal heads!

   The exotic BirdMan of Valadares..

9push.gif (241 bytes)   You can now pay us via email with PayPal, using your credit card or direct deposit! 

9push.gif (241 bytes)   Crystal Yonis, the symbol of the female principle, in colorful quartzes.

9push.gif (241 bytes)   Bengala walking staffs and canes, mounted with quartz crystal heads (eagles, skulls, etc.)

9push.gif (241 bytes)   Potent Quartz Crystal Phalli, in a variety of sizes for your viewing pleasure.

9push.gif (241 bytes)   Happy-go-lucky frolicking quartz Dolphins. And in dark blue sodalite too!

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