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You can now pay us via email with PayPal,
using major credit cards or via a direct bank deposit!


Send us an email


(plus S/H)

25% advance payment required on all orders. Balance due when order
  is ready to ship, to be deposited in our USA Wells Fargo Bank account.
All orders shipped FOB Brasil. You are responsible for all freight, 
customs, broker, and insurance fees.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


For small orders (up to 30 kilos) we prefer to ship 
via Brasilian Postal Sedex EMS express airmail. 
Delivery is within 5 - 7 business days. Insurance currently limited to $5000 USD. 

We can also send up to 30 kilos via the Brasilian Post Office at the economic rate, which is about 50% of the following rates. Same insurance limit. 
Shipping time is 15 - 20 days.

Examples of post office freight fees - USA vs EU

weight Sedex express airmail Economic airmail
5 kilos $140 vs $160 $70 vs $80
10 kilos $190 vs $240 $95 vs $120
20 kilos $295 vs $400 $150 vs $200
30 kilos $400 vs $560 $200 VS $280

For shipments over 30 kilos we can ship airfreight via major air carriers.
Rates vary depending on total weight and destination.
Please email or call for quote. Insurance costs 1% of total declared value of shipment.

Return Policy

You may return any item(s) we ship within 10 days of receipt.
You are responsible for any damage to item(s).
Items sold in lots cannot be picked through.
Please email us w/ your intended purchase and we will quote you the freight.

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